Vision and Mission

Technical Communication encompasses research, design, creation, management, delivery and distribution of technical content in the form of documentation and training tailored to the needs of the intended audience. Professional technical communicators translate complex ideas into simple language. The results of their work include, but are not limited to: user guides, online helps, presentations, release notes, process documents, knowledge bases, e-learning, etc.



ITCQF® Vision

  • To standardize, improve, advance and promote the technical communication profession by defining and maintaining certificates, increasing technical communication profession visibility and connecting the international technical communication professionals.
  • We define and maintain a knowledge base which allows  people to become technical communicators and later on to be certified based on best practices. We create and support the international technical communication community.

ITCQF® Mission

  • We promote the value of technical communication as a profession both to individuals and organizations.
  • We help technical communicators to be more efficient and effective in their work, through the certification of competencies.
  • We continually advance our knowledge base by incorporating the best industry practices and the most innovative research, and we make this knowledge base freely available.
  • We set the criteria for accrediting training providers, to ensure consistent delivery of the knowledge around the world.
  • We regulate the content and coverage of exam questions, the examination process, and the issuing of certifications by official examination bodies.
  • We provide a reference point against which the effectiveness of technical communication can be evaluated, by maintaining our position as a respected source of knowledge in technical communication.


  • Professionalism – we are committed to professionalism, and our community comprises leading technical communication practitioners from all over the world.
  • Non-profit independence– ITCQF® is a non-profit organization.
  • International presence – ITCQF® provides certifications in all continents of the world.
  • Continuous learning – Technology and business drivers are constantly changing. As such, technical communicators must constantly improve their skills and be open to learning new concepts. We are committed to continuously update our knowledge base.
  • Open knowledge sharing – ITCQF® works to spread knowledge about technical communication and best practices.