Partnership Options

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ITCQF® is constantly looking for partners in different regions of the world. Depending on the engagement type various partnership options are possible. By becoming a partner, accredited organizations gain international visibility, professional support, and access to exclusive materials.

ITCQF® partnership model offers four basic types of cooperation:

ITCQF® Training Providers

Training Providers deliver trainings based on accredited training materials provided by ITCQF® after accomplishing the accreditation process. By adding ITCQF® trainings to their offer they can significantly expand their revenue streams with minimal risk and investment.

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ITCQF® Exam Providers

ITCQF® Exam Providers organize exams according to ITCQF® Exam Structure and Rules, both on-line and in traditional (printed) form. Significant percentage of the the exam fee is assigned to the partner, and exam questions are prepared and maintained by ITCQF®.

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ITCQF® Training Resellers

ITCQF® Training Resellers promote trainings in their regions and direct potential trainees to appropriate Training Providers. They are rewarded in the form of a success fee.

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ITCQF® Academic Partners

ITCQF® encourages universities and colleges around the world to use its materials as a part of any kind of technical communication-related studies. Accredited Academic Partners receive our training materials and support needed to successfully prepare their students to join the technical communication job market.

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All accredited ITCQF® Partners are entitled to use the ITCQF® logo and are listed by name on ITCQF® website.

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