Exam Providers

Exam providers ensure that people interested in techcomm certification can take and pass an exam in a professional and comfort way. We maintain and deliver to them exam questions and answers, which can be easily imported to any online examination system. Thanks to that they can expand their exams offer seamlessly and enjoy another revenue stream with minimum effort and risk.

Partnership offer for exam providers

Benefits for our partners

  • Simple and tested model generating additional revenue stream.
  • Freedom to decide about price and margin.
  • Limited investment, no entry fees.
  • Exam questions and answers provided by ITCQF.
  • Access to ITCQF network of training providers and academic partners.
  • Partnership info announced on ITCQF webpage (a logo at itcqf.org – Resellers section) and social media.

What we expect

  • Flexible and professional approach to exam takers (hardware and software platforms, scheduling, exam results communication, certificates delivery).
  • Online reservation system.
  • Percentage fee paid per examinee.


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