Press release: University of Business in Wrocław and ITCQF® agree on cooperation

University of Business in Wrocław has agreed on cooperation with the International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®). The university has incorporated the ITCQF® scheme Certified Technical Communication Professional into its postgraduate Technical Writer studies’ program.

Dariusz Drezno, Member of the Board at ITCQF®: “I am happy to observe that the Technical Communication education scene is constantly growing, and establishing cooperation between ITCQF® and the University of Business in Wrocław only confirms this trend. It is important that we help educate more and more technical communicators around the world in order to promote professionalism in the discipline, but also to spread awareness among potential future experts in the field.”

About University of Business in Wroclaw

The University of Business in Wroclaw was established in 1997 as one of the first private schools in Wroclaw. Its mission is and has always been “To educate for international business with links to practice”. According to that motto, the main emphasis is put on foreign languages and lectures in English, as well as on cooperation with business representative.

The University is proud to be the best non-public business school in the Lower Silesia and the most international one in the region, as confirmed by recent educational rankings. It hosts the greatest number of international students every year, mainly because of the professional study programme in English, developed especially for Erasmus students. Moreover, UoB offers an MBA course which is held 100% in English, in cooperation with HHL (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) – one of the top business schools in Europe (currently #2 in Germany in FT Ranking).

About ITCQF®

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) is a comprehensive technical communication certification program developed in cooperation with recognized techcomm experts, and based on existing international standards. The program is designed to facilitate the learning process for aspiring technical communicators, as well as to supplement and organize the knowledge of already experienced techcomm specialists. Ultimately, ITCQF® provides a means to standardize the terminology, processes and best practices used by professionals across the world in different organizations.

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