Press release: ITCQF Board welcomes new members in Germany and India

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) has announced that Chris Ward and Gopal B. Dambal have joined ITCQF Board to represent the organization in Germany and India respectively.

Dawid Górny, President at ITCQF: “I am excited to have Chris and Gopal join our organization. This expansion of ITCQF is a result of numerous discussions about TechComm and about the amazing opportunities that exist both in Germany and in India to further promote this discipline. Our plan is to intensify ITCQF’s activity in these countries and now that we have strong allies in Chris and Gopal, I am confident that together we are set to take education about TechComm to a new level.”

About Gopal B. Dambal: Gopal Dambal is a from-the-scratch Technical Writer who evolved as Content Architect at Infosys Ltd, Bangalore (India). A passionate trainer with 15+ years of professional exposure in IT & Non-IT multinational companies, he envisions making Technical Writing a preferred career among students and professionals from varied backgrounds. Bridging the academia-industry gap in India is Gopal’s favorite area of interest.

About Chris Ward: After 15 years as a developer Chris realized he preferred helping others understand technical subjects instead of building them. He does this through technical writing, blogging, networking and educating people through presentations and workshops. He has written for sites that rank amongst the most popular sites on the internet, startups that have won international awards and has presented at events in every corner of the World. For fun he is a Podcaster, video maker, writer of interactive fiction & games.

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