Press release: gasq and ITCQF® agree on cooperation

The Global Association for Software Quality (gasq) has agreed on cooperation with the International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®).  gasq will now act as a global Accredited Exam Provider for the Foundation Level of ITCQF® certification program – Certified Technical Communication Professional.

Werner Henschelchen, General Manager at gasq: “Technical communication is becoming a more and more important part of business across the world, and gasq recognizes the growing market demand for a certification program in this field. We are happy that ITCQF® – a leading organization providing high-quality training and examination for techcomm – is now our partner and we can cooperate to address the needs of the field’s specialists and organizations worldwide.”

Dariusz Drezno, Vice-President at ITCQF®: “We are very happy about this cooperation. gasq is a strong partner with a global presence, and I believe that together we can be successful in promoting technical communication, and that our scheme will help establish a unified industry standard. At ITCQF®, we are confident that our partnership with gasq will greatly contribute in achieving these goals.”

About gasq

The Global Association for Software Quality, abbreviated gasq, is an independent, international association for the common good that pursues the objective of promoting the quality of software used in research, teaching professions and by the industry. The founding members of gasq hail from Europe, America and Asia. As a leading organization in the software quality sector, gasq maintains an international network and supports certification programs, e.g. for software testers, requirements engineering experts and usability professionals. At the same time, gasq through its gasq Service GmbH offers services for associations and groups advocating for software quality. Through all of its activities, gasq strives to make it its core responsibility to increase awareness of the importance of good software quality and of highly qualified staff and businesses in this sector.

About ITCQF®

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) is a comprehensive technical communication certification program developed in cooperation with recognized techcomm experts, and based on existing international standards. The program is designed to facilitate the learning process for aspiring technical communicators, as well as to supplement and organize the knowledge of already experienced techcomm specialists. Ultimately, ITCQF® provides a means to standardize the terminology, processes and best practices used by professionals across the world in different organizations.

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