Important Update: Transfer of Accreditation and Licensing Operations to 21CN enterprise

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We are making a change to the International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation. As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our operations and focus on our core mission, we transfer managing business activities to our partner, 21CN.

“In our pursuit of maximum professionalism, we’ve realized the need to focus more intently on our educational and certification standards,” says Dawid Górny, President of the Foundation. “This strategic shift will allow us to concentrate on our foundational goals without the complexities of managing administrative tasks.”

With this change, all responsibilities related to accreditations, licenses, and financial transactions are being transferred to our partner, 21CN. Their proven professionalism and efficiency assure us that these operations will continue to be managed effectively.


  For all matters concerning accreditation, licensing, and financial transactions, please contact 21CN enterprise:




We guarantee that all existing agreements and terms will be honored under the new management. We appreciate your cooperation during this transition and remain committed to maintaining high standards in professional technical communication qualifications.


For any further information or clarification, please feel free to reach out to 21CN enterprise or our office.


Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment.


Dawid Górny 


International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation

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