ITCQF® partnership model offers three basic types of cooperation –  board, accredited training providers and certification bodies. By becoming a partner, accredited organizations gain international visibility, professional support and access to exclusive materials.

ITCQF® Member Boards

ITCQF® Member Boards are national or regional organizations that would like to expand the ITCQF® certification scheme to territories that are not currently covered

Please contact the ITCQF® to apply as an ITCQF® Member Board.

The application procedure and requirements will be distributed after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with ITCQF®.

Please contact us at for more information.

ITCQF® Training Providers

Training Providers deliver trainings based on accredited training materials provided by ITCQF® after accomplishing the accreditation process.

Accredited ITCQF® Training Providers are entitled to use the ITCQF® logo and are listed by name on ITCQF® website.

ITCQF® Exam Providers

ITCQF® Exam Providers organize exams according to ITCQF® Exam Structure and Rules.

Please contact ITCQF® for more information.