Announcement: ITCQF® program included in post-diploma studies at Vistula University

Vistula University is launching post-diploma studies “Technical communication” in November 2020. Within the 170 hours of the program, the university included 20 hours of “Practical preparation to ITCQF® certificate” covering both lectures and exercises based on the ITCQF® syllabus and training materials. As a result, all graduates will be fully prepared for International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) Foundation certification exam.

Dawid Górny, President at ITCQF®: “Not long ago we announced that both our trainings and exams were available on-line. Joining forces with Vistula University – a strong partner in online education – is a next step into making technical communication standards and best practices available to everyone. I am sure that by adding ITCQF® program to Technical Communication studies at Vistula University, we can enable students to start their professional careers and, eventually, become leading experts in the field.”

About Vistula University

Vistula University is the oldest amongst non-public universities in Poland. Established in 1992 under the name of the University of Insurance and Banking, it achieved its current status through dynamic development and contacts with other non-public higher education institutions.

For years, Vistula University has been the leader in internationalization. It provides education for the labor market closely cooperating with business and international organizations. The University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Engineering studies, Postgraduate and PhD studies, MBA and Vistula Executive Education programs.

About ITCQF®

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) is a comprehensive technical communication certification program developed in cooperation with recognized techcomm experts, and based on existing international standards. The program is designed to facilitate the learning process for aspiring technical communicators, as well as to supplement and organize the knowledge of already experienced techcomm specialists. Ultimately, ITCQF® provides a means to standardize the terminology, processes and best practices used by professionals across the world in different organizations.

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