Announcement: Glocal Potentia operating in India agrees on training partnership with ITCQF®

Glocal Potentia and ITCQF logos

Glocal Potentia ( has agreed on cooperation with the International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®).

As a result of this agreement, Glocal Potentia now offers ITCQF’s Foundation Level training across India. Practicing as well as aspiring technical communication professionals can benefit from this unique up-skilling opportunity and stay ahead of the competition.

Dawid Górny, President at ITCQF®: “It is my pleasure to announce that ITCQF’s presence in India has now been formalized thanks to our new partner – Glocal Potentia. I want to recognize the incredible potential of the country and the huge opportunity for techcomm to flourish in this new market, and I couldn’t be more proud that ITCQF and Glocal Potentia are now both a part of this exciting story.”

About Glocal Potentia (

Go GLObal, LoCALly.
Glocal Potentia truly believes in delivering value-added learning that charts the global growth trajectory for professionals from various disciplines. Ably supported by industry veterans, advisors from niche and growing industries drive Glocal Potentia’s vision of crowd- learning for building professional competencies.
Being ITCQF’s certified and accredited training partner in India, Glocal Potentia is poised to bridge the industry-academia gap. In this committed journey of building a quality workforce at all levels, Glocal Potentia is open to collaborating with experts from academia (engineering & non-engineering), IT and non-IT industries.

About ITCQF® ( 

The International Technical Communication Qualifications Foundation (ITCQF®) is a comprehensive technical communication certification program developed in cooperation with recognized techcomm experts, and based on existing international standards. The program is designed to facilitate the learning process for aspiring technical communicators, as well as to supplement and organize the knowledge of already experienced techcomm specialists. Ultimately, ITCQF® provides a means to standardize the terminology, processes and best practices used by professionals across the world in different organizations.

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