The Members of the Board are independent and internationally recognized technical communication experts from industry, consulting, training and research.

Members of the Board decide on the course of the Foundation’s work and actively participate in the creation of ITCQF® syllabi and exams, including the following Working Groups:

  • Technical Communication Foundation
  • Agile Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication Management
  • Technical Trainings and E-learning
  • Technical Communication Automation
  • Mobile User Assistance
  • DITA Standard


ITCQF® Board Members include international experts and is constantly extending its reach.
Key Members of the ITCQF® Board:

Noz Urbina (Spain)

Noz Urbina is a globally recognised content strategist, consultant, and trainer specialising in omni- and multichannel content projects for marketing and technical communication. He co-authored “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” and, since 2000, has provided services to Fortune 500 organisations and small-to-medium enterprises. Noz has helped organisations differentiate themselves with content, while saving money. Noz founded Urbina Consulting and is Strategic Marketing Director and Events Chairperson for

Kristine Hurst (USA)

Kristine Hurst’s extensive technical writing career has encompassed the fields of software development, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, medical device manufacturing, and health care. Ms. Hurst’s international technical writing clients include PeopleSoft, Oracle USA, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Apriso, NextGen Aeronautics and SynerMed, Inc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Marcin Górski (Poland)

Marcin Górski manages a technical writing team at Dassault Systemes. In nearly 10 years of work in technical communication field, Mr. Górski has dealt with technical documentation and trainings, technical translation and management. He created content strategies for products like manufacturing execution systems, business intelligence, and mobile applications. Mr. Górski holds a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature.

Margarita Staneva (Bulgaria)

Margarita Staneva has 16+ years of technical communication experience in the software industry. She started as a technical writer and then moved to a management role in VMware, helping the company grow the technical communication team in Sofia, Bulgaria from 2 to 30 people. Margarita is passionate about coaching and mentoring technical writers, redefining and optimizing software documentation processes, content strategy. She is a co-founder and a regular presenter at the Evolution of Technical Communication (ETC) conference.

Dariusz Drezno (Poland)

Dariusz Drezno is a seasoned Documentation, Training and QA Manager with more than 10 years of experience in leading technical writing, training and test teams in various global companies, including Motorola, Nokia, Sabre, and Comarch. Mr. Drezno’s background covers telecommunication, embedded systems, manufacturing execution and global distribution systems. Mr. Drezno helps customers to establish, lead and improve their testing, technical communication, trainings and quality management systems using both formal and agile approaches.

Ken Eberhardt Nielsen (Denmark)

Computer Scientist from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with 25 years of experience in global product development organizations including Telia, Securitas, Motorola and currently Schneider Electric as R&D Director. Design, documentation and training have always been key parts of the product development strategy and quality management systems of the global organizational units led by Mr. Nielsen.

Paweł Kowaluk (Poland)

Pawel Kowaluk’s work in the technical communication field has been focused mainly on DITA standard implementation and DITA maturity, including the choice of strategies and tools. His main area of interest is related to new learning products and ways of building them within organizations. He is a co-founder of soap! ( and an ardent evangelist of user-centric product development in Poland.

Piotr Peszko (Poland)

Piotr Peszko manages all aspects of customer documentation, including hiring, training, and supervising staff, support planning upcoming projects, ensuring quality and timeliness of documentation, setting and meeting budgets, and coordinating design and development of print and online documentation.  Mr. Peszko is also passionate instructional designer and training developer as well as co-founder of EduCamp conference and first in Poland postgraduate studies in elearning. His goal is to help businesses through learning that just works.

Cezar-Eduard Radu (Romania)

Cezar-Eduard Radu is an expert in the field of quality assurance and management, program and project management, as well as in process improvement customer advocacy. Responsible for implementing and auditing Quality Management Systems compliant with ISO9001:2000 and CMMI standards at organization and project level. In nearly two decades of his career, Mr. Radu has dealt with technical documentation on various levels. Mr. Radu’s experience covers cooperation with global manufacturers delivering mission-critical telecommunication and IT systems around the world.

Małgorzata Radymiak (Poland)

Małgorzata (Gosia) Radymiak’s main areas of interest in the field of technical communication are continuous improvements and DITA. She has gained her experience at IBM and Motorola Solutions. She has started as a technical writer and gradually moved towards strategy, training, and standards in technical writing. Gosia is also an academic technical writing instructor at Jagiellonian University. She has co-founded soap! technical communication ( that aims at empowering the techcomm community in Poland and Central Europe.